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Grotto Falls, just outside of Canmore, AB is a pleasant easy winter hike that is popular with ice climbers. We hiked up and watched various climbers traverse the falls and then we continued up the creek basin.  Our son has always been a climber of trees and  a jumper of rocks. This day was not any different and as he began his parkour style adventure he proclaimed once again that "mountain goats never fall".  A short while later a rock that our son jumped onto shifted quite dramatically causing the "Goat to tumble".  One trip to the hospital and x-rays on both hands later, we had a much more subdued mountain goat on our hands.

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The story behind the name

Tumbling Goat in a pint glass and a can- a clear/slightly hazy amber beer

Tumbling Goat

Belgian Pale Ale 

Tumbling Goat is a biscuity Belgian Ale that has been hopped with fruity Azacca giving it notes of pineapple, mango, and melon which compliment the spicy clove and red fruit aromas that the Belgian yeast provide.

ABV: 5.0%, SRM: 9, IBU:  30

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