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The Juan De Fuca Marine Trail on Vancouver Island is an impressive coastal hike. But hikers should expect to see lots of rain and slippery trails.  My father-in-law was making his way down to Bear Beach when he slipped off the trail edge. He managed to hang onto a small tree before taking the "Express" route down.  Fortunately the dense foliage cushioned his fall.

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The story behind the name

Express ESB in a pint glass and a can- a clear amber coloured beer

Express ESB

This is an average-strength English ale that balances the malt and hops. The ESB is a deep copper colour with good clarity and a low off-white head. The beer has medium bitterness with a low moderately low caramelly malt sweetness and bready / biscuity complexity. Hop flavor is earthy, resiny, and floral from traditional UK hops that give this beer high drinkability. 

ABV: 5.4%, SRM: 11, IBU: 41 

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