We found this hike at a roadside turnout in Kootenay National Park.  the overgrown trail followed a creek as it wound through the woods.  It was apparent that the local bears were the only ones using the trail.  When we finally got to the end, all we found was a crooked sign that read  "End of Trail".  There was no summit, waterfall or view.  That day we learned that not every hike is a great one and sometimes you just spend the day stepping over bear scat.

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The story behind the name

Fresh Cascade Hops

End of Trail Pale Ale in a pint glass and can- a clear gold-amber coloured beer

End of Trail Pale Ale
Fresh Cascade Hops

The End of Trail Pale Ale is our rotating hop series beer.  In this edition we used local fresh Cascade hops that were picked the day before.  Cascade is the quintessential American hop with its bright grapefruit/citrus flavours.  The fresh hop aspect adds another layer of complexity by imparting a herbal or green flavour profile.

ABV: 5.0%, SRM: 7, IBU: 47