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Hoodoo Creek Trail in David Thompson Provincial Park provides impressive views of the Abraham Lake and precariously balanced hoodoos.  The trail narrows into a steep "V" of scree rocks as you near the hoodoos. My brother-in-law was traversing the banks when he slipped. Unfortunately, the sharp rocks tore a large hole in the back of this shorts. This made the hike back very breezy as his shorts flapped in the wind.

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The story behind the name

Sudden Draft IPA in a pint and a can- a clear amber beer
 Alberta Beer Award- Bronze

Sudden Draft IPA

Sudden Draft is a well-balanced IPA that combines British malts and yeast with American hops.  The aroma starts off with a touch of citrus but then turns into peaches.  The hop bitter starts low then builds to a pinnacle, but always maintains a balance even in its big finish.

ABV: 6.8%, SRM: 10, IBU: 63

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