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The Iceline Trail in Yoho National Park presents amazing vistas across the valley, including the massive Daly Glacier that feeds Takakkaw Falls. 
We had just made it up to Emerald Glacier and sat down for lunch when a serious thunderstorm storm began. This is a normal occurrence when hiking in the Rockies so we just continued to soldier on. As we were making our way up a steep hill, a bolt of lightning struck close by. At that point, we did an about face that any drill instructor would be impressed with and started to run back down the hill.    
We will be back to finish this hike, hopefully without lightning.  

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The story behind the name


Daly Jolt Porter

The Daly Jolt Porter is made with seven different malt varieties that give this beer its warmth and intrigue.  It pours silky black with a creamy mocha head.  The nose is packed with coffee and chocolate, which is also shared in the bold flavour.  Lastly, the beer finishes with a subtle smokiness and hop bitterness making it the perfect accompaniment to shorter days and colder weather.

ABV: 7.0%, SRM: 53, IBU:  49

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