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The hike to Hiilawe Waterfall on Hawaii Island is breathtaking as the water falls a staggering 1450 ft.  There are five "shallow" river crossings to traverse.  We came prepared, bringing our flip flops.  However, by the fourth crossing we were swimming and my wife had lost a flip flop. We thought it to be long gone when remarkably, on our return trip, I happened to spot the flip flop in an eddy near the edge of the river.  Of course, she made me go in and get it!

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The story behind the name

Lost Flip Flop Saison in a pint glass and can- a slightly hazy golden beer

Lost Flip Flop Saison

Lost Flip Flop is the perfect patio beer. It is fermented with a traditional French Saison yeast, but that's where the tradition ends.  A healthy dose of Citra and Sorachi Ace hops gives this beer a strong citrus, lemony and tropical aroma. The aroma and flavour makes this a very refreshing beer on warm summer days.  

ABV: 6.0%, SRM: 4, IBU:  38

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