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Orange Ginger 
Sun Smacked Gose

The Sun Smacked Gose is a German kettle sour.  In this version we have embraced citrus season by infusing the beer with the zesty flavours of California naval oranges, complimented by a hint of ginger to add a tantalizing touch of spice.  The result is a refreshing and bright beer, boasting flavours that are sure to be enjoyed on a spring day.

ABV: 4.2%, SRM: 3, IBU: 10

The story behind the name

One Spring Break we decided to head south and rented a beach house with some family in Galveston Texas. The beach, the local craft beer and weather could not be any better. We spent the entire day outside. 

What we did not realize was that the sunscreen that we have brought with us had expired almost a year earlier, which apparently makes a difference as we had all been smacked by the sun and were as red as could be. The next day we took a break from the beach but we still managed to have a good time and consume lots of great Texas craft beer.

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